The Champa Tree

There was a father and grandmother in one place.
                                             They had a champagne tree in front of their house. The champa tree was full of champagne.
It was good fun to see the champagne tree all over the place.

                                             One day my grandmother told her father. “What fun is there to see that champagne is ripe? We don’t have to give it to anybody.

                                              Hearing this, my father said. “Yeah, we’ll find out.”

                          They chased all the children who came to pick them up. They were enjoying the ripe red champagne.

                                     Then they realized that someone was picking up their champagne at night. They decided to find the guy. They knew it was a wooden bar.

                               Father and Grandmother smoked their heads as to how to catch the carpenter. So Grandma felt a sense of humor.

                                  He said. “When it is night, the champa must sit on top of the champa tree. Appellant agreed.

                              And it became night. His elder brother Chamba covered the tree with a blanket. Grandmother Chamba sat under the tree. The timber did not come back for a while. My father began to fall asleep. My father fell asleep. Fell asleep and fell from the tree.
Can you see your mother’s eyes at night! Grandmother beat her father, thinking she was a carpenter.

                            The father began to cry out in pain. When she heard the cries, she felt her voice say, “This is not the voice of a woodworker. It is the voice of a man.” The grandmother looked at the blanket, and it was poor. Grandmother was very upset.

                                   Then they give champagne to everyone
Started. They were happy to see the joy of the children.

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